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Tim Monaghan - Vocals, Guitar, Bass

I was raised on really good 70's music. I'm talking like Billy Joel, The Carpenters, Cat Stevens, Olivia Newton John, etc. That stuff still drives a lot of what I write today. 

I started playing guitar when I was about 12 years old, inspired by some of the heavier guitarists, like Slash, Kirk Hammett, etc. I found myself in lots of bands, some of which were heavier, some were jazzier, but I always had a certain set of songs I kept to myself, I wouldn't share with those bands, because I felt that someday, I'd do a solo thing. 

Work and career took over, and I worked for a lot of years, but not on music. Somewhere in 2017, I decided it was about time to get working on releasing some of this stuff. 

So, I am finally releasing songs from the catalog of almost 100 songs I have written over the years, since about 1992. Free Spirit Was a first stab at that, and I learned a TON doing that. 

The second album (Watching Entropy) will have more songs, and it will take advantage of the slew of lessons I learned recording and producing Free Spirit. 

Stay tuned for more!