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More feedback on "Movin On" 

Hey just wanted to give a quick update - "Movin On" is generating some awesome feedback!

First, a cool shout out from the AFTD about our fundraiser - these guys have been awesome, and really fun and friendly to work with.

Secondly, a write up on the Movin On single in the "Bandcamp Diaries" which is a blog about indie music. This guy did an amazing job, and he wrote a really killer piece on the song. Thanks so much!

"The song has a very beautiful production value to it, with a clear sound that highly

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The New Album Will Be Called "Watching Entropy" 

So I think I have finalized things enough to let you know what the new album will be about.

First, because everyone asks:


lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.

So, while the "Free Spirit" E.P. consisted of songs from my youth, when everything was new and exciting, "Watching Entropy" is about how I learned - soon after - that everything was unpredictable, and slowly falling apart into chaos.

I fought this so hard over the years, but I learned that entropy is just…

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New Single - Movin On - What it's all about 

The Song

It's called "Movin On", and it's basically about change. But the kind of change where you lose someone. Or someone loses you. 

It's written a lot for my Dad, who is very ill currently, and it's not the kind of thing you get better from. 

It's written for a friend, who unexpectedly died at 38.

It's written for you, if you ever lost anyone. If you have ever had a marriage end. If you've ever watched someone change before your eyes into someone else, and then move away from you. 

I guess I made that…

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Thanks To My Musician Friends 

Typically, you thank all the people who worked on your album after it's done, published, shiny and new. Well I want to thank some of them right now. I guess I'm feeling it, I'm seeing the hard work they put in, and I just wanted to say something about it all :) 

Jake has played the drums on both of my albums, the first one and this one. He's so good at just getting it. He can take a 1/2 page of notes that I write up for him, and have the drums written and done in just a couple days on most songs. His…

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A brand new single - For my Dad 

So things aren't so good with my Dad. He's pretty ill, and while I don't feel like going into too much detail about that, I do want to tell you about the single. 

I think anyone who has dealt with losing someone, in any of the myriad of ways you can lose someone, will understand this song. As his condition has deteriorated faster and faster, I decided to release this song as a single, rather than waiting for Album #2

The song is called "Movin" and it's in the final stages. Just have two guitar parts to…

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Some Information About Album #2! 

Hi there, 

Happy first off to introduce this new website, hope you're enjoying it :) 

Secondly, I have been hard at work on the new album, this will be the second. 

I think it will be a lot more mature, as the songs I am drawing from are a lot more recent. Sure there's gonna be some oldies in there, but for the most part, I'm picking out some more meaningful stuff. 

Also, I'll be armed with all of the amazing lessons I learned recording "Free Spirit", and the new album will just be that much better! 


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