More feedback on "Movin On"

Hey just wanted to give a quick update - "Movin On" is generating some awesome feedback!

First, a cool shout out from the AFTD about our fundraiser - these guys have been awesome, and really fun and friendly to work with.

Secondly, a write up on the Movin On single in the "Bandcamp Diaries" which is a blog about indie music. This guy did an amazing job, and he wrote a really killer piece on the song. Thanks so much!

"The song has a very beautiful production value to it, with a clear sound that highly emphasizes the artist’s ability to convey strong emotion through his vocal performances. The tone is clear, polished and sophisticated, yet organic, warm and direct, echoing the work of talented artists the likes of Pink Floyd or The Beatles, just to mention a few masters of the past."

 Also, remember that if you purchase the song, or stream it anywhere, we'll donate all the proceeds - 100% to the AFTD.

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