The New Album Will Be Called "Watching Entropy"

So I think I have finalized things enough to let you know what the new album will be about.

First, because everyone asks:


lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.

So, while the "Free Spirit" E.P. consisted of songs from my youth, when everything was new and exciting, "Watching Entropy" is about how I learned - soon after - that everything was unpredictable, and slowly falling apart into chaos.

I fought this so hard over the years, but I learned that entropy is just another form of change, and that is wasn't going to stop happening. So, I developed this attitude of just watching it, being a part of it, and watching how it played out before me, and often times, it was beautiful.

So I learned, indirectly, that watching something - without trying to change it and without judging it - can transform the experience completely.

There were some hard times along the way, and some realizations, and I have picked all the songs for "Watching Entropy" because they help tell this story.
When the songs are from

I'll detail later, but these songs range from 1995 to ones written in 2017. Even the song "Movin On", the single for my Dad, which is about change was going to be on this album, but I decided to finish it up and release it as a single because his condition is deteriorating so fast, and something in me just wanted to have it out there while he was stioll around. Got that done.

The Songs

(No particular order)

"Fly Away" - Written in 2004. About trusting yourself, and letting go.

"Hurts To Love You" - Written in 2014. About the end of relationships.

"Moonstone Child" - About fear, comfort, and feeling protected.

"Moment In Time" - About how being present and non judgemental could change the world, seriously.

"Best Day" - About not the best day. Tomorrows, new beginnings.

"Silly Little Song" - Relief for the album :) - Just a short silly song. No agenda.

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