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Movin On

T.S. Monaghan

Rock, guitar, thoughtful song.

It's called "Movin On", and it's basically about change. But the kind of change where you lose someone. Or someone loses you.

It's written a lot for my Dad, who is very ill currently, and it's not the kind of thing you get better from.

It's written for a friend, who unexpectedly died at 38.

It's written for you, if you ever lost anyone. If you have ever had a marriage end. If you've ever watched someone change before your eyes into someone else, and then move away from you.

I guess I made that sound pretty depressing - but it's really acceptance, and celebration of the fact that everything changes, and everything will keep doing that - there is no way to stop it. The only way to eliminate that pain is to get used to change itself, and develop some kind of acceptance for it, and even find the good or the positives in the change that you're struggling with.

"Pain happens - suffering is optional"

You can't fight change, you can't stop it, but you can love it, and recognize that it is the very color, grit, and beauty in life, and it's here for you, not to spite you.

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