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The ways we try to deal with loss or unexpected change can be vast and varied. For me, a piece of art or music, like this – Movin On – offers a feeling of possibility and understanding; it makes you realise the inevitability of change, of evolution, of the bad that must come through in order for the good to really mean anything. It makes you feel less alone in your struggles. Movin On is a stunning piece of music, just over four minutes of artistic expression and precise soundscape evolution.” - Rebecca Cullen

Stereo Stickman

The song ("Movin On") has a very beautiful production value to it, with a clear sound that highly emphasizes Tim's ability to convey strong emotion through his vocal performances. The tone is clear, polished and sophisticated, yet organic, warm and direct, echoing the work of talented artists the likes of Pink Floyd or The Beatles, just to mention a few masters of the past.” - Peter Vidani

The Bandcamp Diaries

Various listeners commenting on "Movin On I loved and I mean loved the guitar in this song. I found this song to be relaxing and enjoyable. Tim has a soft and amazing voice. I loved all the backup in the background. I felt the lyrics and beat went great together. I really like the solemn sounding instrumental. The guitar sounds really good, and I really like the slower sound of the other guitar. The two sound really, really nice together. A good sound, and both nicely played. I like the solemn mood of the song. Tim does a good job at evoking the emotion with the slow build and pace. Nice riffs as well. This would be good to listen to on a sad evening.” - Various Listeners

— ReverbNation